Coney Island has been serving its delicious hot dogs for generations to generations, everyday but Tuesday.

Founded in 1918, George's Coney Island remains in its landmark location at 158 Southbridge Street in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1938, its namesake George Tsagarelis expanded his "store" to include its art deco design, wooden booths, tile floor and all-important counter. In 1940, he added the Romanoff designed 60 foot neon sign. Modeled after George's hand, the hot dog dripping mustard sign has welcomed hot dog lovers and seekers of the secret sauce as well as photographers and artists from all over the world.

Today, George's family continues to serve up incredibly delicious hot dogs that have been acclaimed as Worcester's Best of Best year after year. Taste a delicious part of a Worcester tradition. Most of all experience for yourself the delicious hot dogs at George's Coney Island.

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